La Marisa and the Environment…

Welcome to Saint-Jean-de-Luz and to the Basque Country! You are going to discover the variety and the beauty of our region: the Ocean and its beaches, the hinterland and its authentic villages, the Pyrenees… A lot of strolls are waiting for you: La Rhune, the Cost path and different hikes.

We are proud of our region and we want to respect it, thus it is our duty to preserve it.
In a wish to protect our remarkable heritage, we chose a sustainable tourism. Our commitment in the European Eco Labeling testifies of it.

This “Charter of commitment” is the reflection of our daily actions.

Our actions for the environment

  • Electricite100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources of energy (Green access supplier).
  • Replacement of every bulbs by low-energy ones.
  • On each floors, in the stairs and at the reception (only during the night) installation of presence detectors.
  • Robinet economie eauInstallation of low-flow tap and aerators on the shower knob. Your comfort is protected … and the water as well!
  • Installation of Dual flush systems to avoid waste.
  • Staff-training for water saving
  • Tri des déchetsSort of all our waste.
  • Packaging waste reduction thanks to the abolition of single doses products.
  • We select certified organic or natural cleaning products.
  • We prefer local producers committed to an environment friendly policy and we only use seasonal products.
  • We print our document (only if necessary) on recycled paper…

If you feel concerned by our initiative, these are easy ways to support us:

  • ElectriciteSwitch off light and television when leaving the room.
  • Switch off the heating when opening the widow.
  • Robinet economie eauWater leak? Warn us as soon as you can!
  • Turn off the tap while teeth cleaning!.
  • You need fresh towels? Leave the used ones in the bath to be changed.
  • We change the sheets every 4 days and on departures.
  • Tri des déchetsThrow all your recyclable waste in the room bin and the non-recyclable waste in the bathroom bin. You can leave the dangerous waste (batteries etc…) on the desk or bring them to the reception.
  • Do not through waste or rubbish of any kind in the toilet, which can bother their smooth running or pollute the water.


Strolling is the best way to discover Saint-Jean-de-Luz!
Biarritz, Bayonne, Hendaye… are perfectly connected by train or bus. (Timetable is available on or at the reception desk).

Longing for Nature?
Hiking and biking guide’s books are at your disposal in the Lobby library at any time day and night. We can help you to rent bikes for an hour, a day, a week…